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Welcome to our†website

Venture Crew 308

Welcome to Venture Crew 308!† If you love to shoot or would like to learn how to shoot pistols, rifles, & shotguns, then you will love this crew.† You will also learn many other important skills like leadership, survival, cooking, etc.† The Venture Crew offers a chance to learn while having fun.† Take shooting for example.† If this is your first time, you not only learn how to safely handle a gun, but you also have fun shooting targets while youíre at it.†

Unlike many other branches of the Boy Scouts of America, the Venture Crew is NOT a boys only crew, girls can join too.†

Venture Crew isnít all fun and games, however.† Being a part of the Crew means having responsibilities.† Crew members have a responsibility not only to the Crew, but to the public as well.† Together, Crew members will participate in service projects for the public, and fundraisers to support the crew.† When we go camping, we have a responsibility to the environment to leave things just as we found them, if not better.

Overall, a Venture Crew is a great learning experience with a lot of fun and a little responsibility.† Hope to see you soon.